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For the first time, resident of Technopark «Skolkovo», has been able to run a very complex and accurate cancer diagnostics.

Friday September 22nd, 2017

Pharm-Sintez.Lab, who is a resident of Technopark «Skolkovo» has been specializing in custom peptide synthesis and drug development for some time. The main product of the company is a peptide base precursor that is used to diagnose neuroendocrine tumors. Their development is better and much cheaper than similar products. Thus, it has been receiving a lot of attention from doctors and other professionals. Recently, the company has signed its’ first agreement with federal hospital in Saint Petersburg – Russian research center of radiology and surgical technologies. From now, innovative technologies and new developments of Pharm-Sintez.Lab will be actively used in real practice. Moreover, other research centers, such as Klinika FGBU GNTs FMBTs im. A.I. Burnazyana and Moscow State Oncological Research Centre have already requested the peptides for research purposes. Additionally, the firm is planning to expand and has already started building business relationships with partners from Germany, Portugal and Hungary.

«We have done a huge amount of work, which would be not possible without support of Skolkovo. Their assistance at every stage of research and development, as well as their facilities really helped us» - says the CEO of «Pharm-Sintez» Anna Nazarenko. «We invest in future a significant amount of our budget. It’s a real import substitution, which is crucially important to Russia. »

«Within the next five years we are planning to take at least 10% of international market of PET precursors. To do so, it is necessary to invest at least 20% of total income in research and development. » - says Lev Voloznev, the CEO of «Pharm-Sintez.Lab»

«Our development is very important, as it makes possible to run a very accurate and precise diagnostic procedure for people with rare type of cancer. Moreover, comparing to similar diagnostic procedures in Europe, our technology is much cheaper. We are very proud to say that all stages of development process, from research to manufacturing have been conducted here, in Russia. We hope that in the nearest future our product will be included in free medical care package.

Recently, the development of Pharm-Sintez.Lab received a high volume of attention from different media sources.

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