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Nuclear medicine. Main diagnostic weapon in battle against prostate cancer and neuroendocrine tumors

Wednesday August 2nd, 2017

2 August. The COE of Pharm-Sintez.Lab – Voloznev Lev gave a short interview to press center of Skolkovo Technopark.

1. Tell us, how did you develop the idea of the project?

The idea to develop this project came after we analysed current demands of the market of nuclear medicine. There is a strong necessity to develop radiopharmaceuticals that would be based only on isotopes such as 68Ga и 177Lu, 90Y. This is essential to run the most modern and hi-tech diagnostic, as well as deliver the most effective and up to date treatment.

Due to technical characteristics of those isotopes and more or less easy to understand chemistry of radiopharmaceutical, many scientists and researchers around the World started to develop drugs that would be able to diagnose and treat  neuroendocrine tumors and other forms of cancer.

Our next step was to decide, which direction to take in this very wide area. Our decision was based on two main factors. First of all, we took into account that our researchers had a significant experience in peptide syntheses that are modified synthetic analog of a somatostatin. Thus, we have decided to develop precursors for PET for diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors. The second factor was that in Russia those precursors do not require government registrations, making it easier for us to realize them on the market.

At the end we were able to synthesize stable molecules that were just like molecules of somatostatin for those isotopes. From a technical perspective, we created a product that has a very high quality and is much cheaper, comparing to similar products on the market.

2. What are your main achievements so far?

At the moment we have already arranged production of 2 main precursors, which are able to significantly improve the quality of diagnosing neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer. We have also started product realization on local market. Thus, two major center of nuclear medicine in Russia – «Russian research center of radiology and surgical technologies» and «National research center of biophysics in the name of A.I. Burnazyan» already work with our peptides. Within the first one, doctors and practitioners successfully use our peptides on patients, running the most comprehensive and accurate diagnostic procedures, while in the second center, a research group is running a clinical trial to develop a new generation precursors, which would be even more advanced. Unfortunately, in Russian there are only two main centers, where it is possible to hi-tech run diagnostics with such isotopes, but we hope it will change in the nearest future.

Additionally, high quality of our products allows us to compete and cooperate with larger local and international pharmaceutical companies. Thus, several partners from Europe and Asia have showed their interest in working with us.The next step for us will be development of our products portfolio and further international work.

3. Why you chose Skolkovo Technopark?

First of all, we wanted to a part of a large community of people, who are working on interesting and innovative projects. When you are surrounded by people, who are oriented on making something real, that can change the future, it really motivates you and gives you very high personal and professional standards. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to share and exchange experience with like-minded people. Finally, we were very attracted by the technical infrastructure of the Technopark, such as fantastic and modern laboratories, great support system, friendly colleagues around, a variety of educational programs and many other benefits.