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Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom peptide synthesis and preparative purification
Within last 60 years synthesized peptides have been widely used in pharmaceutical drug discovery, proteomic research and different clinical trials. Nowadays, modern technologies allow us to optimize the process, making this important tool available for scientific and industrial purposes.

Pharm-Syntez.LAB is a leading company that has a substantial, long-standing expertise in custom peptide synthesis services, providing custom peptides with highest quality for even complex or unusual peptide sequences. We apply only latest technologies and methods for peptide synthesis, and each purified peptide is analyzed using a variety of different methods:


We are able to successfully synthesize both small amount of peptides, e.g. 10 or 25 mg, as well as larger amount up to 100 gm. Additionally, we also have the capability to perform a wide variety of chemistries, such as: solid phase peptide synthesis, solution phase synthesis, small molecule synthesis and high throughput synthesis. Our technologies allow us to deliver high quality peptide synthesis services with a success rate more than >98%.

Pharm-Syntez.LAB has a long history offering successful peptide synthesis services to our customers. Our expertise will be able to answer all of your questions at any time of the process. As we pay close attention to the quality of our work, the control data, product characteristics and certificate of synthesis will be always provided to you.